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The New ZOLL AED Plus, Automated External Defibrillator, guides you through all of the steps of CPR in order with pictures, text, and voice prompts! It even provides feedback on your performance during chest compressions by telling you to press harder, if needed!
Picture the Entire Rescue in One Device. From ABC assessment to defibrillation and CPR, the ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator is the first and only AED Defibrillator that guides rescuers through the entire rescue process with confidence.
High-intensity LEDs with corresponding voice prompts lead the rescuer through the resuscitation process quickly, drawing the rescuer's attention to each graphical reminder on the front of the AED Plus. Then the Zoll AED Plus moves through ABC assessment swiftly and starts analysis the moment electrodes are applied, assuring everything is done in order and defibrillation shocks are delivered rapidly.
Ordinary AEDs require the correct placement of two electrodes, but the Zoll AED Plus features CPR-D padz, a one-piece, pre-connected electrode only offered by Zoll Medical. Its design virtually eliminates rescuer confusion by using the simplest landmark available for CPR hand placement. The CPR-d electrode comes complete with rescue essentials and tamper-evident seals, and it lasts five years--the longest shelf life of any electrode by far.
The World's Only CPR Feedback AEDthe Zoll AED plus. Defibrillation is the most critical treatment for many cardiac emergencies. But defibrillation is just one part of the whole rescue. For CPR, the Zoll AED Plus switches gears to become a CPR coach and helpful feedback tool.
The Zoll AED plus Defibrillator uses long-lasting Consumer Duracell Lithium Batteries for Convenience and Savings. The ZOLL AED Plus runs on inexpensive, consumer Duracell lithium batteries that are easily replaced every 4-6 years, and costs much less than proprietary AED Lithium Batteries.
Only the ZOLL Rectilinear Biphasic Defibrillation waveform has proven its clinical superiority for defibrillating VF in high-impedance patients. It also reduces exposure to high peak current and keeps an optimal waveform shape over a wide range of patient variability--enhancing efficacy while reducing the risks of inappropriate currents. The ZOLL AED Plus combines superior biphasic defibrillation with fast and simplified electrode placement, making it the only complete rescue defibrillator on the market.
The ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator is also compact (about the size of a laptop computer), lightweight (weighing a little over 8 lbs), and extremely portable (has a large handle and comes with a carrying case). This is a great Public Access unit for any situation!
The New Zoll AED plus AED with Biphasic Technology comes complete with:

  •  New Zoll Carrying Case
  • 1 Set of Stat-Padz or CPR-d Padz with Feedback capabilities
  • 1 Set of Long-life Lithium Batteries (10 Type 123 Duracell Batteries)
  • Rescue Ready Pack (with mouth barrier, scissors, gloves, wipes, and other rescue accessories)
  • Instructional CD-ROM
  • Manuals and Quick Start Guide
  • Full 5 year Factory warranty from Zoll Medical.
  • Free Shipping to anywhere in North America!!! Will ship within 1 Day of Order, IN-STOCK!
  • Guaranteed LOWEST PRICE on New Zoll AED plus package !!

PLUS you get all of the following added features from the largest distributor of Zoll products in the world: FREE Download Data Control Software ($89 value) FREE ZOLL Data Review Software available in English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese FREE AED Plus Demonstration and Set Up Videos on CD FREE Online Training For One Individual ($39.95 Value) FREE "AED Equipped Facility" Window Decal FREE AED Inspection Tag FREE Physician's Prescription 
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