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New! Using three simple icons and verbal instructions, the Samaritan PAD will clearly guide the rescuer through each step.
Key Features include: Weighs only 1 kg (2 lbs),Simple operation for any rescuer, Graphical interface that "illuminates" to guide user, Clear voice instruction, Always ready-for-use with a daily Auto self-test. The Samaritan PAD AED Defibrillator is perfect for home, business, travel, public areas and facilities.
The Samaritan PAD ships standard with all the items you need to put your device immediately in service. No extras items to purchase. The Status indicator will blink letting you know the Samaritan PAD is always ready for use. The Pad-Pak defibrillation pads speed up the rescue by reducing the number of steps required. Just open the package and apply the pads.
The Samaritan PAD AED is built on many years of research and development and patented technology.
The samaritan PAD uses HeartSine's SCOPE Biphasic technology (a low-energy waveform that adjusts for the differences in each person's physical make-up) to deliver optimal defibrillation to every patient. Pad-Pak: Only One Expiration Date to Monitor. With the samaritan PAD Defibrillator there is only one expiration date to be concerned about. We have packaged the battery and pad system together.
The new innovative battery and electrode system cuts maintenance in half and helps ensure an optimal state of readiness. Just one expiration to track and replace.
The Complete Samaritan PAD AED Defibrillator package includes:

  • Samaritan PAD AED (SAM 300), Biphasic Defibrillator;
  • Carrying case that holds Samaritan PAD, spare Pad-Pak and prep-kit;
  • 1- Pad-Pak (SPP 301) that includes 2 sets of defibrillation pads and a 6 hour battery capable of delivering more than 30 shocks;
  • Operators' manuals and DVD Rom Guide;
  • 7 year factory warranty; and
  • FREE Shipping to anywhere in the US and Canada.

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