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What's San Diego Cardiac?
San Diego Cardiac Specializes in CPR, BLS Provider and other medical training and first aid response. We also sell first response equipment such as Automated External Defibrillators and more.

About Our Training.
San Diego Cardiac’s staff are trained American Heart Association Instructors with the best equipment available. We offer CPR, BLS Provider, First Aid and other classes in the San Diego and surrounding areas.

San Diego Cardiac, American Heart Association Course Reviews

AHA five Star Review
"Was a good place to get my AHA renewal. instructor was cool and took a course in San Diego right by my house. Pretty convenient"
-Richard Peele| San Diego, CA

AHA five Star Review
"Although BLS Provider classes are normally boring I actually had a fun time while getting certified. Great teaching enviroment and felt welcomed. Thanks guys, will be back"
-Jenn Hilbert | La Jolla, CA

AHA five Star Review
"Take your classes here! They are fun, friendly and most importantly certified by the AHA. I have sat in countless boring versions of their CPR class, none were as informative and hands on. Great service! "
-Kirin Pital | San Diego, CA

AHA five Star Review
"Took my CPR certification training here. Excellent instructor with good teaching methods. Made learning CPR informative and enjoyable."
-Henry G | New Port, CA

AHA five Star Review

"Would recommend your aha classes to all my friends. Got certified and started my baby sitting business shortly after.Professional and took the time to make sure I understood the material. God Bless"
-Jessica Fillters | San Diego, CA

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Replacement Cards

Have you lost or damaged your current AHA certification card and need a new one? You can simply purchase a replacement card right from our website, click here.

AED Medical Equipment

Automated External Defibrillators are crucial to saving a persons life if they go into sudden cardiac arrest.

The American Heart Association estimates 250,000 people a year die from sudden cardiac arrest.

Our affordable packages include top of the line machines, wall mount and shipping.

Every year State Legislatives introduce and pass bills requiring certain companies or locations to have an AED on Premise.

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